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'All inclusive' English Summer Camps

'All inclusive' English summer camps for kids and teenagers in Kilkenny, Waterford and Dublin: "Learn English & Experience Ireland!"

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High School Programme in Ireland

Academic school stays for international students in primary and secondary schools in Ireland with residential and home-stay accommodation.

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Your First Days in Ireland

Regardless of the duration of your stay with us, the following is a sample schedule of events in our English Junior courses in Kilkenny.

The first days in our residential course locations in Dublin and Waterford are similar.

Here is what happens upon your arrival to Ireland:

Your first days in Ireland

First Day

On arrival at Dublin International Airport, watch out for a big mackdonald language academy sign – that is us! Once all students have arrived we will begin our journey to Kilkenny. The journey takes about 90 minutes and you will be able to get to know and talk with some of your fellow students.

When we arrive in Kilkenny, you will meet your host family for the first time. You will spend the evening getting to know your host family and settling into your new home.

Second Day

After a good night's sleep and breakfast with your host family, you will receive your packed lunch for the day. Your host family will either walk with you or drive you to school.

There, you will meet all the other students and teachers.

Orientation begins with a short entry examination (written and oral) which enables us to place each student in a class that meets their English language needs. The test will take about 60 minutes. After a short break, all students will go to their assigned class, and your first lesson begins...

Third Day

Business as usual...


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