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Afternoon activity programme

mackdonald language academy arranges a varied social, cultural and sportive activity programmes to suit each groups’ needs and interests. Our leisure programme complements their English studies at our English language centre. Activities are organised on every afternoon of their mini-stay programme including a full-day excursion.
We are happy to cater to the specific needs and interests of each group on all our English mini-stay programme for groups. We have a varied and interesting package of activities, outings and trips.
One of our own teachers / activity leaders will accompany your group on each activity and outing.
At mackdonald language academy our ethos is to focus on complete English language immersion. We achieve this through the students living the language – staying with an Irish host family, attending English lessons, learning about and experiencing Irish culture and history in a relaxed, friendly and fun-loving environment.
All our activities are designed to give your students a good insight into Ireland and its natural and cultural beauty. All outings are suitable and also relevant for the age group of your students.
For younger learners, teenagers and high-school students, we arrange a variety of cultural and social activities, including visits to museums, art galleries, cathedrals and castles. The younger learners also take part in weekly sports activities, where they can play football, tennis, hockey, golf or even try some of the Irish national sports.
There are also evening events arranged for the junior students attending our Summer English School, including discos and Ceilis (Irish dance and music workshop).

Full-day Excursions

Destinations we visit on our trips include day trips to Glendalough, Dublin, Cork and Waterford. Our teachers will accompany you and your group on each full-day excursion.

Bespoke Programme for Groups of Adult Learners

We can also arrange a full cultural & social activity programme for adult groups. All leisure activities are tailor-made and suit your group’s interests.

'Learn English & Experience Ireland'

English Curriculum - English Language Programmes

Mini-stay programme Kilkenny education school

mackdonald language academy is a quality education provider of English language programmes for groups of students. Our school in Kilkenny and is recognised by the Department of Education as a year-round English schools for teaching English as a foreign language.
Our English curriculum is carefully designed to meet your group’s needs and interests. We will design a specific study programmes to cater for your group’s requirements including cultural, literature and business courses etc.
All mini-stay study programmes are tailor-made for your group.
Where students are entering International classes, each student is assessed upon arrival and placed into the appropriate English class. Upon completion of the mini-stay, all students receive a graded course certificate of attainment.

Levels & Focus Peak Season (international classes)

Classes range from elementary to advanced proficiency levels and all students are tested on arrival and placed in a class which best suits their level of English. The main focus of all our Group English Courses is on communication through spoken and written English.
Our highly qualified teachers set students clear learning objectives and use the best techniques to provide practice in speaking, writing, listening, reading and grammar for the English language.

Levels & Focus Mini-Stay (closed groups)

During the low season months (September to June) we offer mini-stays for closed groups of students. Here, students are tested and the most appropriate group level is assigned. The curriculum can specifically be designed to meet the group’s needs and each student receives a certificate of attainment and exit report on completion of the mini-stay programme.

During the English lessons of your mini-stay you will


 Engage in activities around communication

modules Develop and improve your ability to speak, listen, read and write in English

modules Emphasize on the use of authentic texts and materials to build your cultural awareness during their course

modules Be assessed on an on-going basis ensuring that you are always learning at a pace best suited to your needs

Professional English Teachers

Our teaching staff are all professionally qualified, with a primary degree and a recognised TEFL qualification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). All teachers are experienced native English teachers. Our excellent student feedback attests to the quality of our teaching and the effort our teachers make to ensure that every student is motivated and progressing well in class. 
Our teaching ethos is for lessons not only to be educational but also fun and entertaining, hence promoting learning in a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere. Our dedicated teachers offer excellent student support and supervision and are always available to help students and provide them with extra materials. On request we can offer individual lesson
s tailored to students’ specific requirements.

Mini-stay facilities in Kilkenny

Our classrooms are bright and spacious. Our classrooms hold a maximum of 15 students and all students have individual desks.
The school has a student common area with comfortable chairs and free high speed internet access.
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